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Plate Loaded

Plate Loaded Machines
PowerGym PL-Line Plate loaded machines offer the very best in movement, function and variety. Each machine has been carefully designed to engage the correct muscle group to its maximum, using optimum angles for a full and proper range of motion.

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Powergym Decline Chest Press
Decline Chest Press PL-Line
Powergym PL-Line Plate Loaded
Wide Chest Press PL-Line
Powergym Lat Pull Down
Lat Pull Down PL-Line (Forward)
PLate Loaded Gripper Machine
Gripper PL-Line
Powergym Abdominal crunch machine
Abdominal Crunch Machine PL-Line
Powergym Lying Leg Curl
Lying Leg Curl PL-Line (ISO)
Powergym ISO-Lateral Leg Press
ISO-Lateral Leg Press PL-Line
Tibia Dorsi Calf Machine
Tibia Dorsi Calf Machine PL-Line
Powergym hip builder machine
Hip Builder PL-Line
squat Lunge machine Powergym
Squat Lunge PL-Line
Hip Thrust machine Powergym
Hip Thrust Machine PL-Line
Plate Loaded Shoulder Press
Shoulder Press PL-Line
Customise Your Gear

Need equipment with your brand colour?

You can now order our products customised with your brand colour and logo! Build a professional look and feel at your gym with your brand on the best commercial quality fitness equipment. We can customise the majority of frames and upholstery on a wide range of products. Click a colour below to see how one of our products looks with your brand colour.
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Customise the Colour of Your Plate Loaded Machine to Suit Your Brand

At PowerGym Fitness, we firmly believe in providing our customers with the flexibility to invest in equipment that most suits their brand. Equipment should not just function correctly; it should also represent your business and integrate seamlessly with the gym environment. Members should be able to walk into the gym and instantly recognise your brand based on the equipment. We know it's important for gyms to purchase commercial equipment that is designed for them, which is why we offer unparalleled customisation options. We have over 40 colour options, from black gloss and red to rose pink, tan and orange. You can choose the colour of our Plate Loaded Machines with options for frames, arms and seat pads. Colours can also have a huge psychological effect, so choose wisely!

Why Choose PowerGym Plate Loaded Machines?

Our Plate Loaded Machines are made to order products that offer the very best in movement, function and variety. Trust us when we say that these machines are the very best in their class!

So what exactly is a plate loaded machine? This product range manages to combine the very best of free weights and selectorized machines into one complete machine. They offer smooth, controlled movements, reduce the risk of injury, and don't require a workout spotter.

Our machines typically feature 3mm hi-grade steel and 3 stage powder coating. We use double stitched performance foam pads to guarantee extreme comfort for the user while enabling them to perform effective workouts.

The PowerGym Plate Loaded Machines have been carefully designed with optimum angles and a full and proper range of motion in mind, allowing users to engage their desired muscle groups to their maximum. With high-efficiency bearings on the pivot, users can use the correct technique and control with a super smooth action. Our machines have dual function options and ISO to give users total flexibility for all workout options.

We know that it's important for gym owners to invest in equipment that matches their brand, which is why we offer flexibility when it comes to customisation. We offer over 40 different colour combinations, including silver grey, black gloss, rose pink, orange, and many more! You have the power to choose Plate Loaded Machines that match your gym's colour scheme.

The Plate-Loaded range is made to order, meaning that our customers can rest assured that these products have been custom-made for them. The machines will take approximately 10-12 weeks to manufacture and deliver subject to potential delays. If you would like to view and test the equipment at our Liverpool showroom before you buy, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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