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Power Racks

Power Racks
Our heavy-duty commercial grade power racks will add another dimension to your gym set up, allowing you the freedom to design your training routine exactly as you want it. Safety and ease of use are just some of the many benefits of a high quality power rack, allowing users to lift more and push the limits.

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Exercising with a Power Rack

Exercising With a Power Rack

Power Racks are the ultimate fitness equipment to have in any gym space. Racks may look quite basic in appearance, but they are far more complex in terms of functionality. These products have several useful features, such as adjustable pins to change heights and safety attachments to prevent injury risks. More than anything, power racks excel in versatility and providing users with the freedom to do a wide range of workouts. You can do several exercises with a power rack, some of which may require additional equipment such as barbells, benches, and weight plates. The exercises that you can perform include squats, deadlifts, bicep curls and bench presses. Other workout possibilities may also include pull-ups, knee lifts, inverted rows... and much more! Power racks offer endless options to help push you towards your fitness goals.

Why Should You Use Power Racks?

When it comes to taking your strength training to the next level, there truly is nothing better than a power rack. Power racks are advanced fitness equipment that provides users with the ability to train safely and efficiently. Whether operating a commercial gym or creating a home setup, the power rack should be at the top of your priority list. Power rack cages will usually form the basis of your workout environment, so they should be visually appealing and multi-functional.

Power rack cages are arguably the finest product for offering superb freedom in shaping workout routines. One of the main benefits of these cages is the outstanding levels of versatility that they support. The equipment encourages gymgoers to perform all kinds of full-body strength exercises, from squats and rows to pull-ups. Users can also do dips, deadlifts, chest presses, and so on! The solid structure of a rack means that it can support heavier weights, allowing users to lift heavier for greater gains. With equipped spotters bars, people can exercise safely without the need for a training partner. It also reduces accident risks and increases confidence in exercising to the maximum without worrying about sustaining an injury. This product is perfect for experienced lifters looking to up their free weight training and target more muscles. Power racks are most effective when combined with other essential equipment, including bars, weight plates and benches.

We offer a wide range of power racks designed to suit multiple training goals and gym requirements. The Commercial Power Rack is our standard cage. It provides versatility for a variety of exercises and includes adjustable squat safety bars and J hooks. The rack is customisable - choose a colour that best suits your brand. We have a bundle that includes rack essentials for the ultimate package, such as the cage, weight plates, Olympic bar, and a utility bench.

A newcomer to our product catalogue is the All-In-One Commercial Multi-Rack. This premium cage has everything you could want from a power rack. It is multi-functional, allowing for a wide variety of lifting performance, and includes 8 strength training stations, such as crossover, smith, lat pull, landmine and many more. You can perform over an incredible 75 exercises!

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