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Olympic Weight Plates
Build strength and power with our high-quality commercial Olympic weight plates and weight sets. Allowing for effective and flexible training routines, users will feel the benefits of a more natural and workout using our free weight range.

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Exercises You Can Do With Weight Plates

Weight plates are versatile pieces of weightlifting equipment that can be used with almost any strength training exercise. You can use a weight plate on its own or by equipping it to a barbell. One exercise you can do without a bar is the front shoulder raise by raising the plate in front of you while keeping the arms straight. Other examples include the chest squeeze press, which works the pecs and triceps, and squats while holding the plates. If using a barbell with an Olympic weight set, you have even more choice in weightlifting exercises. With a bar, you can perform deadlifts, bent-over rows, overhead presses, and much more.

What Weight Plates Should I Choose?

At PowerGym Fitness, we are delighted to be able to offer a range of Olympic weight plates designed to meet your different bodybuilding goals. You can use our weight plate sets with 2" Olympic bars, such as a 7ft Olympic bar. They feature an exceptional finish quality, providing your professional gym or home set up with the commercial quality it deserves. These are must-have Olympic weight set products for anyone looking to build muscle strength and power.

We offer both bumper weight plates and tri-grip weight plates. Our competition bumper plates are colour-coded for easy identification and are rugged and durable for any workout environment. When used, there is a reduction in noise and vibration, and neither the floor nor Olympic weights will be damaged by impact. New to our collection of bumper plates is the rubber crumb weight plates range. These weight sets use crumb rubber technology to dissipate the impact, giving you 10,000-30,000 drops and reducing stress on the lifting bars. Our tri-grip weight plates will fit onto any Olympic bar, machine or attachment and feature a design that allows for a quick change over when adjusting weights.

The PowerGym weight plates come in singles, pairs or can be bought as an Olympic weight set – please view the description of each product for more information or contact us for a bespoke solution.

Our range of weight plates is most effective when paired with a PowerGym barbell.

Benefits of Using Weight Plates

Free weights have several significant benefits compared to weightlifting resistance machines. The biggest difference is the ability to move the Olympic weights in any way you see fit. Unlike with machines, you aren't limited to a fixed position, and free weights also require more control from the user. Free weights can lead to highly effective results when used correctly and safely. With proper technique, more muscle groups are worked, leading to building muscles faster. There's also the benefit that an Olympic weight plate set is compact and, combined with a storage rack, will keep your workout environment looking spacious and tidy.

What's the Difference Between Standard and Olympic Plates?

When looking to purchase weight plates for your gym or home setup, you will usually find two options to choose from - standard weight plates and Olympic weight plates. Standard weight plates have a 1-inch hole in the centre of the plate, while Olympic sets will have a 2-inch hole. This corresponds to whether a standard barbell or an Olympic barbell can be attached to the weight plate. Standard weight sets are incompatible with Olympic bars, but Olympic weight plates can be used on standard barbells and Olympic bars. At PowerGym, our weight plates support both standard and Olympic barbells.

Olympic bars have several benefits over standard bars. First of all, as mentioned above, they are flexible as they can be used for standard weight plates and Olympic plates. They are also thicker and often have grip-style handles, providing increased durability and making it easier to move and store them. Most competitive weightlifters are commonly found using Olympic bars over standard barbells. View our range of Olympic weight plate sets to see how you can take your weightlifting training to the next level.

Your Weight Plate Storage Options

A clean and spacious gym is a happy gym! Weight plates can be bulky products, so it's important to store them correctly to ensure your gym looks professional and satisfy customers. Not to mention if not stored properly, people can trip over plates, or the weight may fall on someone. Storage solutions will remove clutter, prevent accidents and make it easier for people to find the weight plate they're looking for.

We sell several storage options for weight plates, each designed to free up your space, keep your gym tidy, and prevent accidents. One such product is the weight plate storage tree. This tree provides a vertical solution, allowing you to store weights of up to 450kg. The storage tree has nine storage horns and promises a small footprint. Another option to consider is the wall Olympic weight plate storage. This product comes with two brackets that can be fixed to any smooth wall surface. You can position the brackets vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility and freeing up floor space. If you have a Power Rack Cage, you may be interested in weight plate storage horns. These horns can attach to any Power Rack or Crossfit Rig, allowing you to store plates within the cage itself.