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7ft Olympic Barbell

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Olympic barbells are popular among fitness pros, so why not take your weightlifting to the next level with the 7ft Olympic bar from PowerGym? This 7fEight barbell is more versatile than a fixed-weight machine, helping you perform several strength training workouts. The barbell is ideal for home or commercial gyms and is best paired with a weight plate and power rack cage.

  • The 7ft Olympic barbell fits all 2″ weight plates
  • Features a 28mm diameter
  • The 7ft barbell comes with free spring collars
  • 350kg test brass bushings and 8 needle bearings
  • A 7ft Olympic bar will take your weightlifting to the next level!
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Product Description

The PowerGym 7ft Olympic barbell is 350kg rated with two FREE spring collars. This 7ft Olympic bar is designed to take you to heavy workloads and beyond!

This 7ft Olympic bar is precision-engineered with the highest quality components possible for a lifetime of exercise pleasure. The 7ft barbell features a triple-coat chrome finish which protects against rusting, chipping, scarring and peeling.

To take your weightlifting training to the next level, you can use the 7ft Olympic bar on its own or with another essential weightlifting product, such as a weight plate. If you are based in the UK, you can benefit from FREE shipping when purchasing the 7ft bar!

product description


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Philip Fisher (verified owner)

I received a high quality 20kg bar, very happy.

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Product Benefits

7ft Olympic Bar

Barbells may look like simple pieces of equipment, but they have several uses that when used correctly, can lead to extremely effective workouts. The 7ft Olympic bar can be used to work a variety of muscles throughout the body via exercises such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts. Many exercises will work several muscles at once, saving you time and reducing the need for other workouts. Unlike weight machines, Olympic barbells are not fixed and can improve your overall athletic performance such as balance and coordination.

There are several differences between standard bars and Olympic bars. Olympic barbells can hold heavy weights up to 350kg and weight plates designed for these bars usually come in heavier sizes. Olympic bars are thicker, safer and convenient, making it more of a stable weightlifting piece of equipment when loading weights compared to standard barbells.

The PowerGym 7ft Olympic bar is the ultimate barbell for taking your workouts to super heavy loads and beyond. This 7ft barbell has been designed to protect against rusting and scarring and is able to fit all 2" weight plates with a 30mm diameter. All orders with the bar come with two spring collars at no extra charge.


Using the 7ft Olympic Barbell


How to Use the 7ft Olympic Bar

The 7ft Olympic barbell is a versatile piece of equipment that you should add to your workout routine if you are serious about building strength. There is a wide range of exercises that you can do with an Olympic bar, from glute bridges to squats, presses and deadlifts. The bar can be used either individually or with weight plates. Using a barbell is relatively simple, but if you're a newcomer to strength training, you might not know how to use the bar correctly and most effectively.

Here is a brief example of how to use the 7ft Olympic bar for a back squat exercise:

- Before you begin, decide whether you want to use the bar on its own or with a weight - if using individually, you can jump straight to the workout, otherwise, read the following instructions to set the barbell up correctly
- It's essential to load a bar correctly to protect yourself and the equipment
- The bar can support weights with a 2" diameter
- Slide the weight plates onto each end of the barbell, making sure to start with the heaviest plates
- Using a pair of spring collars, lock the weights in place and only begin the workout when you are sure the plates are secured
- Grab a firm grip of the 7ft barbell with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
- Rest the bar at the top of your upper back and ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart
- Bending your knees, perform a squat movement to the floor
- Hold the squat position for a few seconds and carefully push yourself back to the starting position
- Repeat for your desired number of reps

To prevent injury and accidents, it's important to start slowly when using a 7ft Olympic bar. As you get used to weightlifting and recognise your limitations, you can start to gradually increase your workouts with stronger weights and intense exercises. Barbells can be dangerous pieces of equipment, so there are some things you should never do with a barbell. Never swing the bar, avoid dropping it and don't throw it to another person. Barbells should always be used with two hands, not one, and exercises should take place on a stable surface.


What Products Can You Use With the 7ft Olympic Bar?

If you wish to use the 7ft Olympic bar on its own, you are free to do so! At 20kg, the barbell packs enough punch for basic weightlifting exercises. However, to get the most out of your workout, it's highly recommended that you pair the bar with other strength training equipment. We sell a wide range of fitness equipment that go well with this bar.

The most obvious strength training product that you can invest in is a weight plate. Plates go hand in hand with barbells, providing the perfect combination for free weight exercises. While you can also lift plates on their own, they are most effective and safest when used with a bar. You can attach as many weight plates that you can handle to each side of the 7ft bar, allowing you to increase the strength of the workout to your preference. Our 7ft Olympic bar comes with free spring collars which ensure that the weight plates are safely attached and won't move while working out. We offer a wide range of weight plates, all of which are suitable for Olympic-sized bars. The Rubber Crumb Plates provide excellent impact protection, ensuring a softer bounce and reduced noise. The Competition Bumper Weight Plates feature a shock-resistant aluminium core and come in varying colours to represent the different sizes. Last of all is our Tri-Grip Weight Plates range, incorporating a tri-grip design for safe and easy handling.

Everyone loves a tidy gym environment, which is why we have a fantastic gym storage range! We have multiple products available to store your 7ft Olympic bars, ensuring that your workout space is kept free of clutter and preventing unnecessary injuries.

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