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40kg Adjustable Dumbbells

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You no longer need to buy multiple dumbbells to achieve your fitness goals. Purchase the versatile 40kg adjustable dumbbells to help you switch up your weight on the fly. With multiple weight increments in one product, you will save time, space and money.

  • EASILY & QUICKLY adjust the weight setting via a twisting dial
  • Durable steel handle & rubber NON-SLIP GRIP!
  • Weight Increments: 5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 11kg, 13kg, 15kg, 18kg, 20kg, 22kg, 25kg, 27kg, 29kg, 32kg, 34kg, 36kg, 38kg, 40kg
  • Includes 2x tray stands for EASY STORAGE
  • SOLD IN PAIRS & FREE UK Shipping!
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Product Description

Our 40kg adjustable dumbbells are perfect for enhancing your home gym set-up, replacing the need for multiple dumbbells of different weights and ensuring minimal space is required.

There are 17 incremental variations per adjustable dumbbell, and users can adjust them quickly. By turning the dials on the heads of the 40kg dumbbells, the internal safety-lock mechanism selects the desired weight, and you can lift the dumbbells immediately.

The ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable, non-slip grip during exercise, while a high-quality steel core ensures maximum durability. The urethane cover for the weights and the stands ensures the protection of both pairs of the 40kg adjustable dumbbells and their surroundings.

product description


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Chris (Trustpilot)

I bought some adjustable dumbbells and was a bit iffy that they had stock and they were pretty cheap considering. Anyway fast forward a few days and FedEx drop my dumbbells off and they are brilliant. So all in all a great outcome.

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Grabriel Rosa (Trustpilot)

Good quality dumbells. Please with purchase

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Product Benefits

40kg Adjustable Dumbbells

A pair of 40kg adjustable dumbbells is a superb way to take your strength training to a new level, whether working out at home or at the gym. One of the immediate best things about these dumbbells is that you don't have to make room for them. They are compact and versatile, meaning you can place them wherever you wish without causing bother. Better yet, they're simple to use! You don't need to be an expert fitness enthusiast to get the best out of this product. Just pick them up and start working those muscles. For maximum results, seek a workout routine from a specialist, and rest assured that the dumbbells will fit seamlessly into the practice.

Adjustable dumbbells are just about perfect for any workout. Whether you're looking to build your biceps, develop a firmer chest, or tone your shoulders, all you need is a pair of 40kg dumbbells. One of the core features of this type of dumbbell is, as the name suggests, the fact that they are adjustable. This feature means that they incorporate a mechanism that allows the user to easily adjust the dumbbell to suit their desired weight, whether they want it to be lighter or heavier. Compared to a fixed dumbbell, this means that you will not only be saving a lot of space but also money. Convenience is at the forefront when deciding whether to buy an adjustable dumbbell.

Our 40kg adjustable dumbbells are ideal when you don't have much space and are fantastic for home gyms. The dumbbells come in pairs and include flexible weight increments with a dial that allows you to choose your preferred weight with a simple turn. We know it's vital to protect the dumbbells and your workout environment, so we use a urethane cover for the weights and the stands.

Why not add a fitness bench to go with your purchase? Our 40kg adjustable dumbbells are most effective when paired with a robust workout bench. We sell a wide range of weightlifting benches, from Roman Hyper Extension benches to the flexible Fid Adjustable 7-1 bench. We also have flat, incline and decline benches, and much more! View our bench range today to see which will go best with your adjustable dumbbell.


How to Use PowerGym's Adjustable Dumbbells


Using the 40kg Adjustable Dumbbells

Like any dumbbell, the adjustable dumbbells are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is set the desired weight size, pick up the dumbbells and start working out. The only challenge is picking the proper exercise for what you want to achieve. There are so many possibilities when it comes to activities for weightlifting. For maximum results and to achieve your individual fitness goals, we recommend seeking advice from a personal trainer to find the workouts best suited to you.

The best feature about these 40kg adjustable dumbbells is in the name. They are adjustable! Unlike standard dumbbells, the adjustable versions don't have a fixed weight. Instead of storing loads of dumbbells of different sizes, all you need is this one pair. Our adjustable dumbbells have a dial that is simple to turn. Turning the dial allows you to select the ideal weight for your workout. Once the dial is locked in, it will hold the disks together, and you can then exercise. If you want to increase or decrease your weight while exercising, you can turn the dial in seconds without replacing the dumbbell.

You can practically do any dumbbell exercise as usual, whether using our 40kg adjustable or standard dumbbells. To get you started, here's an example of a bicep curl using the adjustable dumbbells:

- Pick up the 40kg adjustable dumbbells and use the dial to easily and quickly set your preferred weight
- Place the dumbbells in front of your thighs with the palms of your hand facing outwards
- Keeping the elbows fixed to your sides, slowly curl the dumbbells up to your chest
- Return to the starting position and repeat for your chosen number of reps


Why Buy PowerGym's Adjustable Dumbbells?


Why Should You Buy Adjustable Dumbbells From PowerGym?

PowerGym Fitness is a supplier of high-end fitness products, and we have been around for years, helping private and commercial customers source equipment that fits them best. Our 40kg adjustable dumbbell range is just one of the many products we sell, and here are some of the best reasons to consider purchasing our adjustable dumbbells.

All our products are shipped directly from our showroom in Liverpool, and we offer FREE and FAST UK shipping. We provide same-day-dispatch with next-day shipping options available in most locations if ordered before 1pm. While we are based in the UK, we can serve customers worldwide and have shipped to over 30 countries. Hundreds of gyms, personal trainers and customers trust us to deliver commercial-quality equipment that stands the test of time.

Our adjustable dumbbells incorporate a space-saving design, helping you organise a clean workout space and making it easier to develop your weightlifting. We believe you should be able to rely on our equipment, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for greater peace of mind. We offer flexible payment options, including 0% interest finance, so you can pay however you want.

We don't cut corners. We are dedicated to offering an extensive range of commercial fitness equipment at unbeatable prices.


Storing Your 40kg Adjustable Dumbbells

You and your gym members must correctly store the 40kg adjustable dumbbells when they are not in use. Free weights that are incorrectly stored can create several risks. Firstly, if dumbbells are left lying around in an open space, they can roll away or cause someone to trip. Dumbbells are heavy; if stored unsecured above the ground, they can fall on a person and cause injury. As well as accidents, dumbbells that are not safely stored may damage your flooring or equipment.

A tidy workout space is critical for a successful gym. Dumbbells are small and compact, and the great thing about the 40kg adjustable dumbbells is that you only need one pair. But with that said, you should still take steps to organise your gym more efficiently. The adjustable dumbbells can still be dangerous if left around, and it's best to have a designated area so people know where to find the necessary equipment.

You should invest in storage equipment that allows you to stow your dumbbells away after you or your gym members have finished with them. For instance, you can look to buy a dumbbell rack. A storage rack ensures that dumbbells are securely locked away, preventing damage to equipment or people. When dumbbells are placed on a rack after use, people can easily find the equipment they need.

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