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Rubber Crumb Bumper Weight Plates

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  • Rubber crumb construction provides excellent impact protection
  • Stainless steel centre ring
  • Raised weight label
  • Suitable for use on Olympic barbells (51mm ring)
  • 45cm diameter (IWF standard)
  • Sold in pairs, also sold as 100kg set
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Product Description

The PowerGym rubber crumb bumper weight plates have the ideal durometer rating to absorb bounce and shock, preventing damage to your Olympic lifting bar. Crumb Rubber technology dissipates the impact giving you 10,000 – 30,000 drops and reducing stress on the lifting bars.

On the field tests have shown Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates bounce less than other high-end rubber bumper plates on the market. Less bounce equals less shock and less noise.

Inner sleeve diameter: 51mm (Olympic bars)

Outer diameter: 450mm

5kg – 30mm
10kg – 60mm
15kg – 90mm
20kg – 120mm

product description


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Product Benefits

Rubber Crumb Bumper Weight Plates

If you are looking to add new high-quality weight plates to your gym equipment collection, you cannot go wrong with crumb rubber bumper plates. These plates utilise crumb rubber technology and boast a wide range of benefits. One of the best things about these weight plates is that they bounce less than other plates due to how they absorb the bounce and shock. If you've ever been to a busy gym, you'll be well aware of the noise that dropped weight plates make when they reach the ground and how disconcerting it can be. However, rubber crumb plates make far less noise due to the material that reduces bounce and shock. These plates are quieter than most other weight plates and are the perfect solution if you've had noise complaints or you want to reduce the sound in your busy gym environment.

Whenever you invest in fitness equipment, you do so hoping that it will last a long time. You shouldn't be put in a position where you need to replace the equipment any time soon. A product's lifetime is a consideration that is particularly important for large gyms due to how many people are using it daily. The good news is that crumb rubber plates are extremely durable, one of their key benefits. As crumb rubber technology is a soft material superb at reducing impact, these weight plates will last longer and encourage more usage. It does not just affect the plates themselves, but also the Olympic bars. Crumb rubber plates are proven to place less stress on barbells attached to the plate, preventing damage to the bar. We highly recommend a crumb rubber weight plate if you have no soft mat available in your gym or are exercising outdoors on solid ground.

We're delighted to be able to bring to the market some of the best rubber bumper plates around! Our rubber crumb weight plates offer outstanding impact protection so that the plates and your gym floor don't get damaged upon collision. At the centre of each weight is a stainless steel 51mm ring that can hold any Olympic barbell. The plates are sold in pairs, and we even have a 100kg set and a 200kg set to offer you the premium package at an unbeatable price.

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