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Bumper Weight Plates (Rubber Crumb)

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Our rubber crumb bumper plates, an excellent selection of plates to add to your weight plates set. The rubber bumper plates absorb shock, reduce sound and protect equipment. These durable plates come in sizes from 5kg-20kg and would be a fantastic addition to any gym.

  • Rubber crumb material ensures for excellent impact protection
  • Stainless steel centre ring suitable for Olympic barbells
  • The rubber bumper plates have a raised weight label
  • 45cm diameter (IWF standard)
  • Sold in pairs and as a 100kg or 200kg set
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Product Description

Introducing the PowerGym Rubber Crumb Bumper Weight Plates – the ultimate choice for serious lifters and fitness enthusiasts. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, these plates are designed to withstand heavy use in both commercial and home gyms. Elevate your training experience with this high-performance and safe solution.

Crafted from high-quality rubber crumb material. These weight plates offer excellent shock absorption, effectively protecting your flooring and equipment during intense workouts. Additionally, the reinforced steel inner ring ensures stability and a secure fit on the bar, facilitating smooth and consistent lifts.

Available in a range of weights, these plates cater to lifters of all levels. With clear and bold weight markings, you can quickly identify the plates, enabling you to focus on your training without any distractions.

What truly sets these bumper plates apart is their low-bounce design. Thanks to their unique construction and rubber crumb composition, they minimize rebound, providing enhanced control and significantly reducing the risk of injury. Whether you’re performing Olympic lifts, deadlifts, or engaging in high-impact exercises, these weight plates will optimize your training experience.

Moreover, PowerGym places utmost importance on safety and quality. These rubber bumper plates undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards, guaranteeing their long-term durability and reliability. Tested to over 30,000 Drops giving you maximum confidence.

Upgrade your gym equipment with the PowerGym Rubber Crumb Bumper Weight Plates and experience the remarkable difference in performance and quality. Elevate your training, effectively protect your flooring, and confidently achieve your fitness goals. PowerGym is your trusted partner in strength and conditioning, providing you with top-notch equipment to enhance your fitness journey.

rubber-bumps-1 Group 143

Sizes of Our Bumper Weight Plates

image2 Group 176

Reduced noise and softer bounce

Tested to over 12000 drops

Extremely durable and shock absorbing


review avatar

Bruce (Amazon)

Great plates for the money.

review avatar

Robin J (Amazon)

Arrived early, good came as ordered…just the job

review avatar

Chris Lion (Amazon)

Awesome , just right

review avatar

Andrew Rice (Amazon)

Arrived quickly, as described, good quality

review avatar

David Clark (Amazon)

Happy with my order no problems with the service or product.

review avatar

SallyE (Amazon)

Great bumper weight. Easy to handle. Soft on the drop. Perfect!

review avatar

Kevin (Trustpilot)

Great value on bumper plates and I would have also purchased a barbell and called it Boris if there was any stock. Here’s hoping it arrives this week so I can have a Christmas workout but so far a seamless experience. Happy Holidays to all – Keep safe.

review avatar

Tom Swindell (Amazon)

Really impressed with how quick the product arrived. Although the correct weight, they don’t feel bulky- really nice feel to them. Absorb shock well. Most impressed by the very subtle coloured crumbs to identify each weight. Will be definitely be building a full set. Perfect for home gym and compound lifts

review avatar

Tim (Amazon)

Well calibrated! Exactly on the dot when I weighted them and good quality material.

review avatar

Chris Tomlinson (Amazon)

Great product and excellent customer service from these guys. Really happy with the purchase.

review avatar

Francis Riley (Amazon)

Learning to deadlift, perfect height, weight and construction.

review avatar

Isabelle (Trustpilot)

Great service and products! My partner and I are regular gym users and we had little equipment at home but PowerGym sorted us out. We placed a pre order for weight plates which we had never done before but they came earlier than expected and are great quality. They also got in touch to let us know the day they were out for delivery. We have cancelled our gym and will continue home workouts and look forward to receiving our next order!

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Product Benefits

Rubber Crumb Bumper Weight Plates

If you want to add new high-quality weight plates to your gym equipment collection, you cannot go wrong with crumb rubber bumper plates. These plates utilise crumb rubber technology and boast a wide range of benefits. One of the best things about these weight plates is that they bounce less than other plates because they absorb the bounce and shock. If you've ever been to a busy gym, you'll be well aware of the noise that dropped weight plates make when they reach the ground and how disconcerting it can be. However, rubber crumb bumper plates make far less noise due to the material that reduces bounce and shock. These plates are quieter than most other weight plates and are the perfect solution if you've had noise complaints or you want to reduce the sound in your busy gym environment.

Whenever you invest in fitness equipment, you hope that it will last a long time. You shouldn't be put in a position where you need to replace the equipment any time soon. A product's lifetime is a consideration that is particularly important for large gyms due to how many people are using it daily. The good news is that crumb rubber plates are extremely durable, one of their key benefits. As crumb rubber technology is a soft material that reduces impact, these weight plates will last longer and encourage more usage. It does not just affect the plates themselves but also the Olympic bars. Crumb rubber plates are proven to place less stress on barbells attached to the plate, preventing damage to the bar. We highly recommend a crumb rubber weight plate if you have no soft mat available in your gym or are exercising outdoors on solid ground.

We're delighted to be able to bring to the market some of the best rubber bumper plates around! Our rubber crumb weight plates offer outstanding impact protection so that the plates and your gym floor don't get damaged upon collision. At the centre of each weight is a stainless steel 51mm ring that can hold any Olympic barbell. The plates are sold in pairs, and we even have a 100kg set and a 200kg set to offer you the premium package at an unbeatable price. These plates are best paired with a barbell like our 7ft Olympic bar.

Rubber Bumper Plates vs. Tri-Grip Weight Plates

As well as rubber crumb weight plates, we also offer tri-grip plates, providing you with plenty of choices when it comes to fitting out your commercial or home gym. But you might be asking the question, what plates are best for me? These types of weight plates are significantly different, coming with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, however, they are both highly versatile and make an excellent investment when upgrading your strength training equipment.

Rubber crumb weight plates are designed to offer outstanding impact protection due to their material. These plates are the optimal solution if you want to protect equipment and flooring, reduce sound in your gym, benefit from a softer bounce, or absorb shock. They are extremely durable and will last for a very long time before needing to be replaced. Tri-grip plates, on the other hand, are built for easy handling. They incorporate a tri-grip to allow users to work out safely and efficiently with or without a barbell. Whatever you choose, we have no doubt the plates will help you perform a wide range of strength workouts, helping you achieve your weightlifting goals.


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