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Commercial Hack Squat Machine F-Line

RRP Price: £ 1749.99
SKU: FL-57
Availability:   Out of Stock
  • Full commercial machine
  • 40mm Linear bearings for ultra-smooth movement
  • Fits Olympic weight plates
  • 2 Start positions to suit any user
  • 2 Weight plate storage horns
Choose your seat pad colour
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Product Description

The PowerGym Fitness 38 Degree Commercial Hack Squat Machine allows users to perform some of the most popular lower body compound exercises. Ideal for targeting glutes and quads this machine can be loaded with a large quantity of Olympic plates to deliver an intense workout. Weight storage horns for Olympic plates offer ideal storage. Featuring a large non-slip footplate, and ultra-smooth movement, the 38 degree angle allows for the perfect squat without overloading on the knee joints.

Our Hack Squat Machine perfectly combines strength and robustness and is perfect for gyms short on space, a serious addition to the professional home set up, or a fitness suite looking to tempt the more serious body builders into their facility. Make no mistake this is a serious bit of kit! The PowerGym Fitness Olympic Hack Squat Machine is built to last and includes a lifetime guarantee, as with all PowerGym frames, for extra piece of mind.

product description


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Product Benefits

Hack Squat Machine

The Hack Squat Machine targets the same primary muscles groups as a free weight barbell squat does. It is a compound movement and targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves and hip flexors, as well as core muscles.

The Hack Squat is extremely beneficial for building mass and lower body strength. As the weight load is distributed through the centre of mass, there is less stress on the spine which allows the user to lift more weight. You also don't need to balance on barbell on your traps.

The Hack Squat Machine provides users with proper balance and stability when performing hack squat exercises. There is also support on the lower back and body to prevent unnecessary strain. As the machine removes the use of your upper body and core muscles during movement, your squat depth is not weakened. The Hack Squat Machine allows users to position their feet to target the quads they most wish to develop.

This functional machine is ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and strength in the lower body and is great for leg development.

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