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Leg Press Machine F-Line

RRP Price: £ 1749.99
SKU: FL-56
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  • Full commercial leg press machine
  • 40mm Linear bearings for ultra-smooth movement
  • Dual angled non-slip foot plate to prioritize quads or hamstrings
  • 1,000lb (450kg) Weight capacity
  • Adjustable foam padded backrest
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Product Description

The PowerGym Heavy Duty Leg Press Machine is a high-quality addition to any serious gym set up. Engineered for an ultra-smooth movement and rated for a 450kg load, this leg press machine is designed to perform and built to last.

Used to build quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus users benefit from an angled gravitational boost ensuring less stress on the lower back and knee joints while the side entry/exit allows for ease of access, especially useful after an intensive session.

Built from the highest grade materials featuring Q235 steel usually used in bridge construction. The roller system incorporates reinforced heavy duty linear bearings for outstanding durability and ultimate performance. The PowerGym 45 Degree Leg Press Machine is suitable for full commercial use.

product description


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Danny Fitz

Outstanding machine, only beaten by the outstanding service provided, having ordered a few pieces of gear now the Power gym guys always deal with questions or problems quickly and efficiently. As a gym owner it’s good to find a company I can rely on and the equipment is spot on.

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I can’t fault the ordering process and delivery speed from powergym fitness, good communication from their team throughout. The leg press machine is a monster, has a smooth action with light and heavy weights, its very comfortable to use. 5 stars.

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Chris Keane

took 3 hours and 2 men to set up, high quality for a good price, happy with it overall thanks

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Product Benefits

Commercial Leg Press Machine

When trying to increase your muscle strength, one of the best strategies you can add to your routine is resistance training. With resistance training, your muscles are forced to work against a weight or force. Resistance training has several benefits, including improving strength, decreasing blood pressure, improving cholesterol, and lowering body fat. The leg press is highly effective for working the quadriceps muscles as well as the hamstrings and glutes. Leg press machines are relatively straightforward to use, and as it forces a fixed movement, it offers an excellent workout solution for beginners or people recovering from an injury.

The leg press is a fantastic choice for people who want to isolate the quads, hamstrings or glutes while exercising. With a fixed movement, users can safely lift heavy weights without the use of stabilising muscles. Leg presses also offer several other benefits, such as building stronger calves, improving endurance and jump height, increasing balance ability, and providing various workout possibilities. The machine is usually positioned at a 45-degree angle to ensure that your body can handle heavy weights, and performing a leg press exercise is simple to achieve.

If you're looking to build super strong quads or hamstrings, then look no further than the PowerGym Commercial Leg Press Machine. Our leg press product is fully commercial and would make a fine addition to any gym environment. The leg press features a 450kg weight capacity, a 45-degree angle and uses 40mm linear bearings to ensure ultra-smooth movement for the user. There is an adjustable foam padded backrest and a non-slip footplate to guarantee comfortable and safe workouts. You can purchase our Commercial Leg Press Machine today with 0% interest and free UK delivery. Choose a seat pad colour that best suits your brand or gym space.


How to Use the Leg Press Machine


How to Use the Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine is an easy product to use and ideal for both newcomers and experienced trainers. With that said, all equipment requires a good form to ensure safety and the best results, including the leg press.

Here is a typical example of an exercise using the leg press machine:

- Start the workout by sitting comfortably on the leg press machine with your feet placed on the pad shoulder-width apart
- While keeping your back straight, use the handles for support and straighten your legs by pushing upwards
- Hold your feet in this position for a few seconds before slowly and carefully lowering your legs to the starting position
- Repeat the leg press exercise for your desired number of reps

For beginners to the exercise, it's recommended that you start with moderate use, such as three sets of 10 presses. As you build strength in your leg muscles and get used to the equipment, you can increase the number of reps that you perform. Users' top mistakes when performing a leg press include not inhaling or exhaling properly, placing their hands on their knees, or not positioning their body correctly on the seat. Leg press exercises can vary with different weights, foot positions and stances.

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