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Flat Bench Press Station F-Line

RRP Price: £ 549.999
SKU: FL-43
Availability:   In Stock
  • Commercial flat bench press built for heavy-duty use
  • High quality upholstered pad for maximum comfort
  • Sturdy, bold and robust design
  • 4 Weight plate storage horns
  • 450kg Max load
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Product Description

The solid PowerGym Fitness Olympic Flat Bench Press Station is designed to provide a strong, stable lifting platform that optimally positions the lifter for maximum results.

The built-in weight storage horns with this flat bench press station are conveniently situated to ensure close proximity to desired weight plates. This bench press machine accommodates all Olympic and Bumper style plates without overlap, ensuring quick and easy access. The flat weight bench press bench can be used with a standard or Olympic barbell.

This flat bench press machine has been built to last and with a lifetime guarantee on the frame, you can rest assured that your investment will last. Why not add a 7ft Olympic bar and 120kg Olympic rubber weight plates for the ultimate commercial bench press package?

product description


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Product Benefits

Flat Bench Press

When it comes to effective workouts that focus on pec development, you cannot go wrong with the flat bench press. Like other bench press bench products, the flat bench press allows users to build upper body strength. These types of workouts will tone muscles such as the pectorals, arms and shoulders. It will also improve endurance, increase strength and enhance other athletic activities such as football and sprinting. The bench press is an essential workout to enhance your chest muscles and enable you to do everyday activities with ease.

You can perform a bench press in various ways, including flat, incline and decline. The decision about what bench press station to use depends on the muscles that the user wishes to target primarily. The flat bench press is one of the most common and focuses on overall pec development, working the upper and lower pec muscles simultaneously. The flat weight bench is considered one of the best and safest exercise machines for developing your pecs.

Our Commercial Flat Bench Press Station has been designed for heavy-duty use in a commercial setting but can also be used within a home gym environment. The flat weight bench press bench features a strong, stable lifting platform that optimally positions the user, allowing them to achieve maximum results when exercising. With a high quality upholstered pad, users will enjoy maximum comfort while lifting their weights.

As well as the flat bench press station from PowerGym, we highly recommend that you combine this purchase with one of our Olympic barbells. We sell a range of Olympic quality bars, meaning that you benefit from more convenient, safer and regular workouts. One of the best Olympic bars you can integrate with the flat bench press is the 7ft Olympic bar. This bar is made of high-quality components that guarantee lifetime protection from rusting, scarring and other natural damages. The Olympic bar will help you achieve your flat bench press goals, a must-have when building upper solid and lower pec muscles.



How to Use the Flat Bench Press Machine

Due to their many benefits, bench presses should be an essential part of your regular fitness routine. Best of all, performing a flat bench press isn't too challenging at all! All you need is the bench press bench and a couple of weights, such as dumbbells or barbells. The most critical decision to get right is to determine how much weight you can handle. For newcomers who don't quite know their limits yet, we recommend starting low. As you proceed with the flat press exercise, you can increase weight for more intense workouts and greater gains.

With your ideal weight selected, it's time to begin the workout! Here is an example of how to do a flat bench press:

- Lie down on the bench press bench with your back flat
- Grip the barbell or dumbbells with your hands and maintain a shoulder-width distance
- Hold the weights firmly in the air until your arms are straight - this is your starting position
- While breathing in, slowly lower the weights down to your chest
- Breathe out and use explosive power to push the weights back to the starting position
- Repeat for as many reps as you feel suitable for the workout

You can try to mix up your routine and experience varying benefits with different bench press variations. For example, you can regularly switch between using a dumbbell or a barbell. Other variations include close grips, wide grips and alternating dumbbells.

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