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Glute Isolator S-Line

RRP Price: £ 1999.99
SKU: SL-24
Made to Order
  • *Made to Order Product*
  • Custom colours available
  • 3mm hi-grade steel
  • Hi-endurance cables
  • 3 stage powder coating
  • Double stitched performance foam pads


Frame Colour
Black Sand Black Gloss White Gloss Silver Grey Dark Grey Yellow Red Rose Pink Orange
Seat Pads Colour
Black Brown Tan Orange Blue Red Yellow Green Pink
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Product Description

Target your glutes and hamstrings with the PowerGym Glute Isolator Machine.

Introducing our most premium range of equipment. The S-Line range is an industry leader in way of design, function and usability, bringing together modern design and intelligent technologies to create a series of commercial single station machines that not only look great in any gym environment, but provide an essential functional base to start from.


  • Intuitive movements providing muscle isolation & support for optimal contractions and full range of motion – Ergonomic grips and handles, giving maximum support and comfort with all your lifts
  • Wear resisting nylon pulley system to minimise wear to cables


  • Dynamically designed seating for maximum support and comfort
  • Hi-density foam padding to support and absorb consistent hi-loads and pressure – Multi-adjustable gas assisted seat positioning for diverse usability
  • Etched hand support for ultra responsive grip and evenly distributed load

Build Quality

  • Efficient and intelligently designed for maximum stability and function
  • All tubes are made from 3mm 11 gauge grade A steel, with high end precision welding – *Lifetime warranty – frames and welds only
  • Internally lubricated hi-endurance cables which are gel coated for safety
  • Super smooth dual sliding weight stack

All made to order machines and equipment will take 10 -12 weeks to manufacture and deliver subject to potential delays. As these machines are custom and made for you (the customer) they are not returnable unless faulty or damaged. Viewing and testing of the equipment is welcome prior to purchase at our Liverpool showroom. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.

product description


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Product Benefits

Glute Isolator Machine

The Glute Isolator Machine is an essential product for lower body workouts that target the glutes and thigh muscles. Our machine features double-stitched performance foam pads to allow users to get the most out of their exercise while enjoying complete comfort. The elbow pad is adjustable to accommodate people of all sizes, and the solid hand grips encourage workouts with proper form. Like all our selectorised machines, you will benefit from a machine that guarantees intuitive movement, maximum comfort and superb build quality.

So why would someone want to use the Glute Isolator? To build strong glutes of course! This machine emphasises glute movements and specifically targets the gluteal muscles. The glutes, aka the buttocks, work with your hamstrings to extend, rotate and abduct the hip joint. Strengthen your glutes is proven to improve body posture, prevent injuries to the lower back, reduce back pain, and enhance your athletic ability. Isolation exercises are fantastic for strengthening the glute muscles as it ensures that all attention will be on these muscles and nothing else. The Glute Isolator has been designed to provide a simple but effective way for someone to only target the glutes while working out.

The Glute Isolator from PowerGym is a made to order product, so rest assured that you will be buying the most premium quality equipment tailored to your requirements. You can customise the equipment's frame colour with a superb range of colour options, allowing you to match it closely with your brand's style. The Glute Isolator Machine is a popular choice for commercial gyms and is frequently used by gymgoers, so avoid missing out!

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