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Incline Bench Press Station F-Line

RRP Price: £ 594.99
SKU: FL-42
Availability:   Out of Stock
  • Angled at 28 degrees for a comfortable incline press
  • Commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment
  • Spotters platform included for maximum safety
  • 3mm thick steel
  • Black powder coated frame
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Product Description

Build a thick upper chest, front delts and triceps with an Olympic Incline Weight Bench by PowerGym. The purpose behind performing bench presses with an incline Olympic bench is to target the clavicular pecs in the upper chest building a shelf-like appearance clearly separating the upper chest muscles from the shoulders.

Bridging or arching the lower back during the Olympic incline press is not possible like it is with the flat bench keeping the amount of weight being lifted more within the true capability of the lifter.

product description


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Product Benefits

Incline Bench Press Station

Like any other bench press station, the Incline Bench Press Station is an essential product for building upper body strength. Bench presses exercises allow bodybuilders to tone muscles such as the pectorals, arms and shoulders. The benefits of a bench press also include improved endurance, increased strength and enhanced capabilities for certain activities such as football and sprinting.

The difference between the incline bench press and that of the flat and decline bench presses is mainly down to the muscles that are primarily targeted. The incline bench press focuses on the upper chest and shoulders. If you want to develop bigger chests, this incline weight bench is a must-have product for you.

So why should you buy the PowerGym Incline Bench Press Station? Our machine is angled at 28 degrees which allow users to benefit from a comfortable incline press. A spotters platform is included to enable maximum safety. This machine is of commercial quality and can be introduced to any environment, from professional gyms to stylish home gyms. Like many of our other products, you can purchase this incline bench with 0% finance and UK mainland customers can enjoy free shipping.

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