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Incline Lever T Bar Row F-Line

RRP Price: £ 549.99
SKU: FL-61
Availability:   Out of Stock
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  • Full commercial machine
  • Dual angled rubber hand grips
  • 2 Non-slip footplates
  • Comfortable padded chest pad
  • Smooth movement for the perfect back exercise
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Product Description

The chest pad and non-skid footplate of the PowerGym Incline Lever Row stabilize and support the user during exercise. Dual position handles allow users to fine-tune exercise position. Durable pillow block bearings provide smooth, low-maintenance performance. This Incline Lever Row, like all of PowerGym’s other commercial equipment, is built to last.

product description


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Henry Lynch

Overall I’m really pleased with the quality of the products and the service received. I’ve seen similar row machines for well over a grand so saw this as a bargain. I highly recommend PowerGym

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Product Benefits

Incline Lever Row

The Incline Lever Row Machine allows users to work their back, shoulders and traps. It is an ideal product for both commercial gyms as well as home gyms.

With a full range of motion, users benefit from complete activation of the back muscles. The Incline Lever Row provides the ability to develop a well-defined back with the help of a safe support. Gymgoers of all heights and sizes are free to use the Incline Lever Row Machine.

PowerGym's Incline Lever Row Machine is a full commercial product. This machine features 2 non-slip footplates, a comfortable passed chest pad and dual angled rubber hand grips. The Incline Lever Row guarantees smooth movement, creating the perfect back workouts.


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