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Power Rack Package

RRP Price: £ 1499.99
From £1,299.99£1,599.99
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(2 customer reviews)
  • Save around £175 with this Power Rack Package deal!
  • Bench press, squat rack, dip station, lat pull down and low row
  • Multi-position pull up bars
  • Adjustable squat safety bars
  • Fully adjustable with 4x J hooks
  • Power Rack Package includes: Cage, 120kg Olympic Weight Plates, 7ft Olympic Bar, Collars and an Adjustable Utility Bench
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Product Description

This heavy-duty Power Rack Cage Package gives users the freedom to shape exercise routines and ensures safe and efficient training. With support for various workouts, our Power Rack is suitable for beginners to experienced users and provides the opportunity for an intense and rewarding activity.

The Power Rack Is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment available and is used by everyone from personal home gyms to complete commercial setups. Our lat pull down/low row uses a dual-pull system, providing a super smooth and gliding action throughout the movement, helping maintain form and proper range of motion.

The pull-up bar section comes with four different hand positions that are etched and knurled to provide extra grip. This rack is highly sturdy, making muscle ups and kipping pull-ups no problem with this heavy-duty rack.

Along with the cage, this power rack package includes 120kg Olympic weight plates, a 7ft Olympic bar, collars, and an adjustable utility bench – saving you £175!

product description


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Jamie Jones

Absolute steal for the set up you get, very solid construction and no problems with the set up. I was expecting a flimsy bench or something for the price of all this but it’s a proper heavy duty bench, very happy with it all

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Ross Thompson

Probably the best rack I’ve used, and I’ve used a fair few, mostly the cheaper ones that move and wobble. This is very stable and secure which is just what you need when training alone. There are cheaper models out there but you get what you pay for, but for a commercial grade rack and the bench and everything the price is unbelievable anyway. Carl at Powergym was super helpful as well, 5 star service.

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Product Benefits

Power Rack Package

The benefits of a power rack cage itself are clear for all to see. This product is often the focal point of any commercial gym as it allows gymgoers to train solo in a safe environment without the need for a spotter. With the power rack cage, users have the ability to perform hundreds of workouts, helping them reach their fitness goals. The rack is suitable for both beginners and experienced people and usually means that you can use heavier weights than usual. Power racks can be used with a range of workouts to build strength and mass, including deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and pull-ups.

The power rack package includes multiple fitness products that are essential for building muscle. As well as the cage, you will receive 120kg Olympic weight plates, a 7ft Olympic bar, collars, and an adjustable bench. Opting for the power cage package ensures you receive the essential products to go along with the rack while saving money.

PowerGym's power cage package can be customised with various colours, allowing you to choose the colour of the cage and bench that most suits your brand. This product is also available with 0% finance and comes with free UK shipping.



Who Should Buy a Power Rack Package?

The Power Rack Package is the perfect money-saving product for anyone who is serious about achieving their fitness goals. This bundle includes a range of weightlifting essentials, including a power cage, weight plates, a weight bench, and more! The package means you will be saving around £175 instead of buying each product separately.

This product is suitable for both consumers and commercial businesses. For gyms, we highly recommend the power rack package. The cage will become a focal point of your gym and will enjoy frequent use by your members. The rest of the bundle's contents will also be valuable acquisitions for your gym! Running a professional gym can be expensive, so we offer the package as a cost-effective option, helping you save money.

The package is an excellent choice for home gyms if you want to take your weight training to the next level. The main factor to consider for home setups is space. The cage's dimensions are 153 x 123 x 218 cm, so as long as you have enough room, this product is a no brainer. With so much versatility, this package may be the only product you need to invest in for your home gym. Why buy the weightlifting essentials on their own when you can save money with the power rack package?

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