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Commercial Power Rack

RRP Price: £ 949.99
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(7 customer reviews)

Introducing the Powergym Commercial Gym Power Rack – the perfect addition to any commercial gym or home gym setup. With its sturdy construction, adjustable features, and versatile design, this power rack is perfect for any fitness enthusiast looking to take their workouts to the next level.

  • Bench press, squat rack and dip station
  • Lat pull down and low row
  • Multi-position pull up bars
  • Adjustable squat safety bars
  • Fully adjustable with 4x J hooks
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Product Description

This heavy duty Power Rack provides users with the freedom to shape exercise routines, and ensures safe and efficient training. With support for a variety of workouts, our Power Rack is suitable for beginners to experienced users and provides the opportunity for an intense and rewarding workout.

The Power Rack Is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment available and is used by everyone from personal home gyms to full commercial set ups. Our lat pull down/low row uses a dual pull system proving a super smooth and gliding action throughout out the movement, helping maintain form and proper range of motion.

Our Pull up bar section comes with 4 different hand positions and are etched and knurled to provide extra grip. This rack is extremely sturdy making muscle ups and kipping pull ups no problem with this heavy duty rack.

product description


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Sarah, Lancashire

Yay, I finally have a gym spec power rack in my PT studio. Very please with the service from powergym and my clients love the new kit.

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Paul M

Was a bit of unsure of this, thought it looked great but might be a bit overkill. Arranged to visit the showroom and liked what i saw so bought it there and then. Used it for a few weeks and loving it so far.

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Gary, Manchester

Received quickly, instructions could of been slightly better, however it was easy enough to build from the pictures as its not that complicated. Power rack itself is spot on.

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I’ve added this to the set up I use for my PT clients, been using it for a week now and they love it, the build quality is excellent as are the materials. Took about 50 minutes to put it together, that was a workout in itself! I will be buying more from Powergym.

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Mike, Cheshire

Very sturdy and solid power rack, no movement whatsoever when doing pull ups. The low row and lat pull down a perfect add on

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Chris P

I researched power racks for a month before I decided this was the one. After using the live chat with a very helpful customer service my order was placed and even though I ordered it 2 days before Christmas it still arrived only 6 days later! I was a little worries because the specs say 215cm Height and my ceiling gives me 220cm so if it wasn’t accurate I was in trouble. It was a perfect fit and is so well built. I would highly recommend this rack

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Sean, Nottingham

Ordered for my home garage gym. I was amazed with the quality very solid and better than the ones in my own gym. Very please

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Product Benefits

Power Rack Cage

The Power Rack Cage is a hugely versatile product and offers many benefits for gym owners, gym members and people with their own personal gyms. This is a notable piece of equipment that will easily attract your attention as soon as you walk into any gym environment.

One of the best benefits of the Power Rack is that it allows users to safely train on their own without the need for a spotter. You can perform a wide range of free weight exercises without dangerous risks like falling weights. The cage incorporates safety mechanisms such as J hooks and bar catches. Feel free to lift as you please without worrying about human intervention to prevent accidents from occurring.

Power Racks provide support for hundreds of the best muscle building workouts. You can do everything from bench presses and squats to deadlifts, pull-ups, chin-ups, and more! Thanks to the cage's safety features, you can even lift heavier weights than you usually would be able to.

The Power Rack Cage is quite a bulky piece of equipment and will require sufficient space, but it is an all-in-one product perfect for any commercial gym or home gym. If you want to build strength, you cannot go wrong with the Power Rack. This product will take your strength training to the next level, helping you perform more exercises than ever before and encouraging you to lift heavier weights in a safe environment.

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