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Commercial Sissy Squat Machine – Pro Series

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£ 149.99
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  • Easy pull pins for quick and easy adjustment
  • Rolled over closed cell foam to give you extra comfort
  • Made to suit all user heights
  • Adjustable pads for correct alignment during your exercise
  • Solid, sturdy checker plate stand

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Product Description

There is nothing “Sissy” about a Sissy Squat. This particular style of squat is more difficult than most other forms of squatting. One of the main advantages of Sissy Squats is achieving almost 100% isolation on the quads. Sissy Squats are also an excellent alternative to regular squats for anyone suffering from back injury or other problems preventing them from squatting normally as little stress is placed on other muscles.

Solid, compact and effective, the PowerGym Commercial Sissy Squat Machine is strong enough for gym use, while designed to fit into any home. Featuring Steel Force Structural Integrity and heavy-duty, high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop upholstery, the PowerGym SISSY is built to take a pounding. The “Class A” rating SISSY comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty*.

PowerGym SISSY is unmatched in its class and will give you solid and intense workouts for many years to come! The PowerGym Sissy Squat Machine will help you build your quads with near 100% isolation! Push yourself to failure knowing that you are exercising on one of the safest and most effective Sissy Squats available!

product description


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Lewis Keller

The guys at PowerGym have done a fantastic job supplying my gym facility with high quality equipment, every product has impressed. Discounted me a fair bit when ordering a few items including this Sissy Squat which has been put to good use, very effective for quad definition and strength. Will be back for more gear soon guys thanks.

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Takes a bit of getting used to cos it absolutely kills the quads! But I can really feel the difference. This was pretty easy to set up, nice bit of kit

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Product Benefits

Sissy Squat Machine

The Sissy Squat is not a 'sissy' workout at all. In fact, this exercise is believed to be named after Sisyphus, a king in Greek mythology! The banished king was ordered by Zeus to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill as punishment, with the boulder returning to its starting point each day. Who wouldn't love quads belonging to a king such as this!

Sissy Squats are considered to be a safer alternative than regular squats and leg extensions as there is less placed on other muscles including the knee joint. This is why the machine is a popular choice for gym-goers unable to perform normal squats due to certain injuries. Sissy Squats strengthen several muscles with emphasis on the quadriceps, and helps improve full balance and core strength.

The Sissy Squat Machine is a space-saving product that's compact enough for home use but also provides gyms with a commercial quality squat machine. Our machine can be adjusted to support users of all heights and features rolled over closed cell foam for extra comfort. It is a solid machine which means you can focus on working the specific muscles without worrying about the machine moving unexpectedly or tipping over.

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