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Prowler Sled

RRP Price: £ 249.99
Availability:   Out of Stock
  • Heavy Duty Pushing/Pulling Sled
  • 3 Weight plate horns
  • High low push pull handles with strap hooks
  • Extra thick feet
  • Just add Olympic plates to achieve your desired resistance

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Product Description

Build explosive speed and strength with our heavy duty push/pull Prowler Weights Sled. An excellent addition to any training set up, with a focus on fitness and anaerobic capacity, the PowerGym UK Prowler Sled is designed to get the lungs going!

Steel poles are suitable for loading with Olympic size plates, users push using the high or low handles. Add a sling & shackle to really work the hamstrings and create an ultimate conditioning tool. The sled can be easily broken down for transport and it’s compact design means it can be used in areas with limited space.

As well as being one of the best ways to develop strength in legs, hips, and arms the Prowler Sled is also a lot of fun and is often used in team situations and competitions.

product description


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Sean Cross

Ideal for sprint training, super easy to set up, solid, a good buy.

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Product Benefits

Prowler Sled

The Prowler Sled is a fun and versatile product that can be used for push and pull exercises. It is a form of resistance training whereby weight plates can be equipped to increase the difficulty. The prowler sled works a variety of muscles in the arms, legs and hips. It can also help improve your anaerobic capacity.

One of the best benefits of the prowler sled is that it offers a fast recovery time. With less wear and tear on the body, there is a low risk of injury and you can perform more frequent and intense exercises compared to similar forms of workouts. It can also aid in the recovery of damaged muscles and is a popular choice among athletes as it allows them to train hard in between tournaments without overexerting themselves. The sled is extremely versatile and can be used for everything from increasing power to building strength and endurance. Best of all, it's very easy to use. Users just need to add their desired weight plates and can choose to push or pull on the designated handles.

Our Prowler Sled is a must-have product for any athlete looking to develop explosive speed and strength. This piece of fitness equipment is fun to use and an excellent choice for team situations. The product is a heavy duty push/pull prowler sled and features 3 weight plate horns. The sled is compact, allowing it to be used in small spaces, and can be easily broken down to move from one place to another. Just add any Olympic size weight plates and start pushing or pulling to work multiple muscle groups in your body.

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