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Rubber Gym Flooring 1m2

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  • High-end rubber gym flooring tiles
  • 20mm thick rubber for optimum floor protection
  • Impact absorbing mats made of vulcanized solid rubber
  • Non-slip surfaces on the upper and lower side
  • Provide optimum support compacted surface with chamfered edges for easy wiping
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Product Description

Does your gym space need rubber flooring? Then you’ve come to the right place! Introducing the PowerGym Fitness thick rubber gym flooring tiles…

The super durable rubber dampens impact and noise and improves your training conditions effectively. The pore structure of our rubber flooring provides additional shock absorption and gives you excellent floor and equipment protection.

The gym flooring tiles feature specially treated surfaces on the upper and lower sides to prevent the mats from slipping and offering a safe place to stand. The compacted upper side has chamfered edges and can be easily wiped off to keep the PowerGym rubber gym flooring easily maintained. These gym flooring titles are an easy way to protect your training space.

product description


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Sherin Abada (Trustpilot)

I bought bumper plates and flooring. Great products and won’t be the last time ordering. The service I received was exceptional and professional throughout the whole transaction. Thank you

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Jack Sherb (Trustpilot)

Best price rubber flooring I have found and a great range of products

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Product Benefits

Rubber Gym Flooring

The perfect gym environment is not just about the fitness equipment. The equipment is obviously a critical feature as, without them, people can't train! However, there are other important aspects that you cannot ignore. Your gym's flooring is a consideration that you must get right. While you can always reverse your decisions, replacing the wrong flooring can be costly and time-consuming. When designing your gym, there are multiple essential factors to consider, including safety, convenience and functionality. Hundreds of people a day will be walking and working out on the gym floor, and we can't forget the large and heavy machines attached to the ground. Generally speaking, gym flooring should be strong, durable and thick. It should protect against damage and provide sufficient grip for users. Finally, flooring should be hygienic to cope with frequent usage, bacteria, odour, sweat and fluctuating humidity and temperature levels.

Rubber flooring is widely considered the best choice for commercial and home gyms, and we will talk about some of the main reasons. First of all, rubber titles are usually extremely thick to protect against damage. Heavy machines and dropped items such as weights can cause damage to the floor and equipment, which is why rubber flooring is designed to cushion impact. Then there is the impact on gym members. Rubber flooring offers comfort when working out and ensures that people maintain their balance and grip while preventing injury risk. The gym can be a noisy and disturbing environment when large groups of people are working out at the same time. Rubber gym flooring helps to reduce noise and vibrations thanks to the material's shock absorbent features. We know that maintenance is a vital part of running a successful and profitable gym. Rubber tiles are easy to clean, and due to their durability, they can last for a long time before a replacement is needed.

If you are looking for a solution for your gym, look no further than PowerGym's 20mm thick rubber gym flooring tiles. Our high-end tiles offer optimum floor protection due to the material's extreme thickness. The tiles are non-slip to prevent accidents, and with chamfered edges, you can wipe them down easy for effective maintenance. Our gym flooring is highly durable and incorporates shock absorption benefits to dampen impact, reduce noise and prevent damage to the floor or equipment.

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