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Seated Calf Raise Machine F-Line

RRP Price: £ 449.99
SKU: FL-62
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  • Full commercial calf raise machine
  • Operates on a 3:1 weight ratio for developing powerful calves
  • Pillow block bearings for ultra-smooth movement under the heaviest loads
  • Can be used with Olympic or standard weight plates
  • Fully padded seat and adjustable knee supports
Choose your seat pad colour
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Product Description

Build strong, powerful calves with the PowerGym Fitness Commercial Seated Calf Raise Machine. This commercial machine features 11-gauge 100x50mm steel construction, bolted-on skid resistant feet and a scratch-resistant, twice-baked powder coat finish.

The Seated Calf Raise Machine is designed with height-adjustable knee pads, Olympic or Standard Weight Horn and a wide, textured, non-slip foot platform. This calf raise machine has been built to last and with a lifetime guarantee on the frame, you can rest assured that your investment will last.

product description


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Joseph Ohana (Trustpilot)

Absolutely blown away with PowerGym!! I recently bought the Calf Raise Machine which is amazing commercial grade kit, exactly like ones used in a professional gym, so well made, beautiful quality workmanship perfect to work your calf’s. Gotta add the customer service was first class too, from ordering the piece of kit it came in less than 3days.

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Product Benefits

Seated Calf Raise Machine

Are you looking to build powerful calves? Then look no further than a Seated Calf Raise Machine! Calves are an essential body part that you shouldn't neglect. The calf muscles help us to run, jump, walk and stand. Taking time to build strong calves will reap you several benefits, including running longer and faster, injury prevention, increased jumping power, and knee stabilization.

One of the best ways to build powerful calves is with calf raise exercises. Raises will stabilize the feet and ankles, improve the joints, and increase your speed. They will also train your body to withstand sustained pressure, such as running a marathon, preventing pain and injuries. While you can perform calf exercises without equipment, a seated calf raise machine is the best choice to maximise results. This machine is designed to isolate the calf muscles and ensure that the calves benefit from full attention. With this product, users are seated with their knees placed at a 90-degree angle. The seated calf raise primarily works the soleus muscle.

The Seated Calf Raise Machine from PowerGym is a commercial-ready product suitable for professional gyms and home garages. Our machine operates on a 3:1 weight ratio and features pillow block bearings for ultra-smooth movement, even under the heaviest of loads. It also has a fully padded seat, and adjustable knee supports for varying user heights. Customers can choose a seat pad colour most suitable for them, including black, blue, red and yellow/black. This product is available with 0% interest finance and free UK shipping.



How to Use the Seated Calf Raise Machine

The calves are known for being a difficult muscle to develop, which is why this dedicated machine can be extremely useful. The machine uses heel-lift exercises that involve raising the calves with weights while maintaining a seating position. The workout is suitable for both newcomers and experienced gymgoers. While you will likely adapt to using the calf raise machine in no time, we recommend seeking workout advice from a fitness expert for best results and safety.

Here's a standard workout that uses the seated calf raise machine:

- Attach a weight plate to the machine - start with a size that you can handle and increase as you get stronger
- Sit down on the seat pad and ensure that you are in a comfortable position
- Place your knees underneath the padded knee supports and keep your back straight
- Grab onto the handles to support your posture
- Using your strength and power, raise the heels as high as possible
- Hold the heels in this position for several seconds
- Slowly lower your heels to the floor and repeat the workout for your desired number of reps

There are different variations of the calf raise exercise that you can try with this machine. For example, you can try lifting a dumbbell or barbell while performing the raise. You can also vary the weight size and how long you pause after raising the heels.

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