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Tri Grip Rubber Weight Plates

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  • Incorporates a tri-grip design for safe and easy handling
  • Develop body muscle, balance and co-ordination
  • High-quality finish for great looks, designed to last for years
  • The tri-grip weight plates have a clearance hole for use on 2″ Olympic bars
  • Easy to see weight markings
  • The tri-grip weight plates are sold as singles
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Product Description

The PowerGym Olympic Tri-Grip Weight Plates feature an easy tri-grip design that allows for a quick changeover when adjusting the weights. The tri-grip plates will fit onto any Olympic bar, machine or attachment.

These tri-grip rubber weight plates are of high, durable quality, suitable for commercial and home gym use. The trip-grip weight plates’ Olympic discs have a 2″ diameter hole and only fit on Olympic bars.

Tri-grip weight plates are a superb solution to add to your strength workouts as they can be used individually or with a barbell. With the tri-grip design, you can easily grip the plates and perform your desired exercise. Because of the slim design of these tri-grip weight plates, you can easily store them and save space in your gym.

These tri-grip weight plates are sold as singles but can be purchased as an 80kg package or 160kg package.

product description


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James Price

Phoned up to ask about a specific set of sizes I’ve been looking round for, they had what I wanted in stock and ordered within minutes. Arrived just 2 days later, thanks for your help.

review avatar

Max Hogg (Trustpilot)

Ordered 2 Olympic plates, free and quick delivery. Very happy, would recommend.

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Martin W (Trustpilot)

Small order for 2×2.5kg Olympic plates – but they arrived within 2 days & the quality-vs-price is incredible. For comparison – another vendor, who I have been very happy with, were charging £28.99 each – PowerGym Fitness was £8.99 – and the quality was as good. Will be my first port-of-call for any fitness equipment in future.

review avatar

Bansdeep Dhillon (Trustpilot)

Excellent in every way. Professional team with professional equipment. While everyone else has been trying to rip customers off with their extortionate prices, powergym fitness have kept their prices reasonable. Best priced rubber coated Olympic plates on the net to date. Keep up the amazing work

review avatar

Roy Maidment (Trustpilot)

Bought a couple of Olympic plates last year, when nobody else had stock or had hiked their prices to an embarrassing level. Set an alert for when two others were back in stock, and received an email indicating that this was the case. Ordered and received these very quickly. Will definitely return for more!

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Product Benefits

Tri-Grip Weight Plates

Tri-grip weight plates are a cheap yet extremely versatile type of weightlifting equipment. The unique feature of these plates is given away in the name. The plates are designed with three triangular hand-grips to make it easier and safer to firmly hold on to it. Whether loading or unloading the plate onto a barbell or carrying it around the gym, it is simpler and safer to do so with a tri-grip weight plate.

Thanks to the tri-grip design, you can easily grip the weight plate and safely use it on its own for workouts without the need for a bar. As a tri-grip plate can be used with a barbell or for single and double-handed workouts, this presents users with the flexibility to do a wider range of exercises. You can perform lots of weightlifting workouts including classics like bench presses and squats.  Tri-grip weight plates are also often slimmer than other types of plates, helping you save space in your workout environment.

Our tri-grip rubber weight plates come in various sizes, providing you with plenty of options to fit out your gym with all the weightlifting equipment you could possibly need. The plates are designed for safe and easy handling and are an excellent solution for developing body muscle, balance and coordination. With a high-quality finish, the plates look aesthetically pleasing and will last for years before they need to be replaced. The tri-grip plates feature clear markings showing the weight. Our plates can be used with any 2" Olympic barbell.


How to Use the Tri-Grip Weight Plates

Simplicity is at the heart of these tri-grip weight plates, so you or your gym members shouldn't have a problem getting started. The plates can either be used with a barbell, one hand or two hands. If using with an Olympic bar, simply slide the weight plate on the end of the barbell and fasten it into position, ensuring you use clamp collars to prevent it from moving. You can perform a range of traditional barbell exercises such as barbell squats, rack pulls, deadlifts, and bench presses. If you want to use a barbell, we highly recommend the 7ft Olympic bar.

If you would prefer to exercise without an Olympic bar, then you will be happy to know that these tri-grip plates excel in this area. The plates have three hand-grips for exercising safely without the use of a bar. All you need to do is pick up the plate, maintain a firm grasp and perform your preferred workout - it's that simple! Effective weightlifting exercises that you can do without a bar include the front raise, lateral raise, squat press, and Russian twist.

Tri-Grip Weight Plates vs. Rubber Crumb

We sell a diverse range of weight plates, including rubber crumb weight plates alongside the tri-grip collection. Whether fitting out your commercial gym or home space, we have no doubt you will find something that fits. You may be wondering what the differences are between tri-grip plates and rubber crumb plates, and what is the best option for you. Both types of weight plates are different, featuring their own advantages and disadvantages. They also share several similarities and regardless, will make an excellent purchase in transforming your strength equipment.

Tri-grip weight plates, as we have already mentioned, incorporate a tri-grip design. This unique design provides users with the flexibility to safely and efficiently exercise with or without a barbell. Unlike other weight plates, it is far easier and safer to work out with the plate alone as you can grip the handles. With that said, you can still attach any 2" Olympic barbell. Tri-grip plates open you up to a broader range of exercises and focus on developing upper body muscles, balance and coordination. Rubber crumb plates, however, are designed with impact protection in mind. These plates aren't as easy to use on their own, but help protects equipment, reduce sound and create a softer bounce. No matter your choice, you can perform an extensive range of strength workouts, so rest assured you will achieve your weightlifting goals.

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